Living Empathy

In Collaboration With
Centre for Compassionate Communication NZ

Transforming Our World
With Compassion & Empathy

One Heart At A Time ♥


Information about Compassionate Communication workshops on Living Empathy and from Bullying to Empathy Education Project (BEEP)

B – Bullying

E – Empathy

E – Education

P – Project


* Are you ‘fed up’ with media reports about bullying in schools and workplaces, domestic violence and child abuse?
* Have you experienced bullying directly, or know of bullies and victims suffering the consequences of human disconnection?
* Have you felt helpless in the face of bullying challenges and want to learn how to make a difference, however small?

Do you want to:
* Help mitigate and transform a bullying culture to an empathy culture in your working environment?
* Learn self-empathy and self-compassion skills to foster harmony in yourself and in your relationships?
* Cultivate a culture of empathy and compassion in your home and community?
* Experience self-connection, emotional literacy and emotional intelligence in action?
* Make a long term commitment to practice living consciously in the spirit of nonviolence?
* Learn self-care and to take empathy breaks in your home, classroom or workplace?
* Experience a culture where everyone’s needs are seen and heard with mutual respect and consideration?

If you answered “YES” to all or some of the above questions, the information on this site, and workshops offered, may be of help in your journey towards understanding the destructive impact of bullying and the power of empathy to transform lives.

Seek to understand the common humanity of both bullies and victims. Transform disconnecting enemy images to the shared beauty of empathic connection. Develop self awareness and a consciousness based on compassion and empathy. Learn emotional literacy and emotional intelligence. Be the change! Make a difference!




2 responses to “Living Empathy

  1. Thank you for your kind comment Vironika – much appreciated! All the best to you and your purpose for a much needed cause 🙂

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