Teach Kids Empathy

10 Important Ways To Teach Kids Empathy

Who doesn’t want a child who truly cares about others! Teaching kids empathy is like raising a compassionate kid. But we know that kids do not have cognitive skills to appreciate the concept of empathy until they turn 8 or 9 years old. But the younger kids of 5 years or lesser are more bothered about being treated along with their elder siblings and living in their fantasy world of perfect characters.

So, how to teach kids empathy? It is never too early to focus on empathy for kids at home or outside. There are few ways to nurture these budding little ones.

Initially when kids are young, they show high levels of affection and demonstrate some degree of empathic concern but more of a limited one and struggle with some type of perspective-taking. As they get older, their perspective skills improve and they start taking opportunities to practice them in real life.

Kids also start learning social norms about when and how to demonstrate empathic concerns. The children in turn learn about their emotional behavior and responses.


Ways of Teaching Empathy to kids:

1. Teach the kids Emotions: Your little one can’t empathize with others unless they know what emotions are and how to put words into emotions to express. As a parent, keep expressing yourself and also talk to them about their emotions that they show. For example say “I can see that you are disappointed that mommy did not take you to the park to play”. “Mom was helpless and anxious the moment the car did not start.” Kids do not hear emotions at the beginning but later, they learn to deal with it and grow in it. Share your emotions with your kids and help them observe the distress in others too.

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