Empathy Salvation

Empathy: The Salvation of Mankind

Do we want to be a race of empathetic beings, or one of cold logic?

The emergence of the technological revolution has shrunk the world, but for many, we are further away from each other than ever before (Unless you play Pokémon Go still). Social media connects us, but the gulf of understanding and accepting each other’s thoughts and ideas betrays our lack of concern. Empathy is an inherent gift of evolution, it has helped humanity spread and flourish around the world. However, without training and practice, it is a skill that humanity may lose. We are born with the capability to walk, yet if we do not use our legs, then they grow brittle, It is the same with emotional health. If we do not practice or utilize our ability to empathize with others, then we will be unable to render support when such an ability is necessary. To ensure the progression and stability of empathy in future generations, there are several steps we must take.

Education and Training For Kids

Suicide rates in children has doubled in the past decade. This is driven by a lack of empathy between all parties involved. 
There is no greater place to see what a lack of empathy can do to people other than during school (At least in my experience, yeah I was that kid). Bullying can be rampant to the point of driving those who are different or misunderstood towards depression and suicide. Just as we train kids in math, science, literature, and other academic practices, we should elevate their emotional intelligence. Between 2008 and 2015 the hospitalization rates for attempted suicide in kids have doubled in the United States, according to USA Today. The increase of social media abuse, bullying, and the fear of approaching adults to express themselves are leading the increase.

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