Stop Cyberbullying!


October 19 is Unity Day—a day that we stand together against bullying, united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. This month I’ve been talking a lot about bullying. It’s an epidemic for our kids but it’s not something that, as a parent, you’re defenseless against. You can do something to help!

Something parents feel particularly helpless with is cyberbullying. And cyberbullying has become a bigger and bigger problem. It’s reported that 43 percent of students have been bullied while online, and 53 percent of kids admit they have said something mean or hurtful to another kid online—one in three of those have done so more than once. Cyberbullying is a huge issue.

With this lack of empathy and face-to-face connection, it has become easier and easier for kids to bully other kids online. They even share videos of bullying, so the whole school can see, causing kids to be desensitized to inappropriate and cruel behavior.

So what can we do about it?

If a lack of empathy is at the core of the problem, teaching our kids to have empathy is the solution.

Read on:  Stop Cyberbullying


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