Mindfulness and Empathy – Mindful Schools

How mindfulness training helps build a foundational social and emotional skill. 

I wanted to reflect  a bit on empathy and mindfulness. Humans are social beings and positive relationships are important for our happiness. Empathy is a capacity that allows us to understand the minds of others and to resonate emotionally with those states.

Empathy forms a cornerstone of social cooperation. As you probably have heard, mindfulness has been linked to a range of positive effects and is being integrated into medicine, mental health and education. Here, I address two important questions:

First, what’s the relationship between mindfulness and empathy?

Second, can mindfulness training enhance empathy?

These are especially important questions if you’re an educator, as the development of empathy in children is an important goal.

Written by Matthew Brensilver: Read More on this link: http://www.mindfulschools.org/foundational-concepts/mindfulness-and-empathy/

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.mindfulschools.org

See on Scoop.itEmpathy & Compassion Matters


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