Empathy and Music

See on Scoop.itBullying & Shame to Empathy & Compassion

Recently, in one of my classes, we were asked to take a quotient online. A lot of the questions pertained to social situations and how you react to them, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and many other human nature type questions. I found this quotient to be pretty interesting, although it wasn’t until the end that I actually knew what it was for – it was measuring my capacity for empathy.

I wondered why my teacher at a music school would want us to take this quotient. What did empathy have to do with music? But after taking the test and really thinking about it, I realized that my professor might have been on the right track. Perhaps empathy has a larger role in music than we realize.

By Lindsay Kupser  See on community.berkleejazz.org


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