7 Questions: Encourage Empathy

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Empathy kids
These smart ideas for encouraging children to be more empathetic are from Start Empathy, a new education initiative created by the nonprofit Ashoka. The goal is to get kids and adults thinking about the topic—key for raising kids who understand others’ feelings and perspectives, and key for raising kids who care. These seven questions will help get even the most me-centric kid (and what kid isn’t?!) thinking about other people.

How does that make you feel?…

Do you know at times I’ve also felt scared?…

How would that make your [brother/sister/friend] feel?…

What do you think [a particular character] felt?…

Why do you thinkhe/she made those choices?…

What emotion is that?…

If you had superpowers, how would you use them to help…

What were you like when you were nine years old?…

by Ellen Seidman

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