Are We Missing the Big Picture?

See on Scoop.itBullying to Empathy Education Project

Four education experts call for an end to infighting. It’s time we embraced “both and” in education and reexamine what school can be.

Last week, we brought together some of the best minds in public education and child development for an informal roundtable discussion on the future of education in America and a look at where empathy fits in. Against a snowy DC backdrop, the four panelists shared an alternative to the prevailing education model and shed light on what it’ll take to get there.  See on

Sophia Tara‘s insight:

“We do a great job in our society…of feeding the wolf of violence and intolerance. Three out of four kids report being bullied, and by the time a kid finishes 6th grade, he or she has seen 100,000 acts of violence on television. Schools can play a critical role correcting that…by focusing on what John Dewey famously referred to as the “invisible curriculum” – the values and rituals embedded in a school’s culture. Teaching kids to be peacemakers is no mystery…”


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