Living Empathy & Ukuleles for Peace

by Sophia Tara

Ukulele is the instrument of friendship, love and peace ♥

We’re excited to share that one of our desired long-term pet projects, Ukuleles for Peace, inspired by founder Paul Moore (see info. below) will be scheduled in future to be rolled out in schools, workplaces, mental health institutions, churches, rest homes, peace communities and everywhere else. It has the encouragement and full support of the Wellington Ukulele & Peace Academy NZ. We look forward to collaborating together in bringing our message of Empathy and Compassion through our BEEP programme “Living Empathy” promoting Emotional Literacy and Intelligence in the educational field, social services and general communities, accompanied with sing-alongs and peace songs on this wonderfully versatile and popular little instrument for children and adults.

The ukulele is well known for its magical influence to bring people together. We will be offering Compassionate Communication and ‘Living Empathy’ sessions to as many communities as possible. We have facilitated these workshops for many years now and used the ukulele as the preferred accompaniment to our peace songs. The enjoyment is felt and experienced by all. So it will be a continuation of our work to introduce the easy-to-learn ukulele as an instrument of friendship and peace to all participants, with both children and adults experiencing the joy of music and singing together. The Wellington Ukulele & Peace Academy NZ is on Face Book and Twitter Please support, follow them and ‘LIKE’ their page. Check out their website Wellington Ukulele & Peace Academy


Our mutual goal with Wellington Ukulele & Peace Academy NZ is to put a ukulele instrument into the hands of those who wish to play and sing for the sheer joy of it. We especially advocate it for children. If kids have access to their own ukulele instrument, it will enable them to practice regularly at home. In fact, we advocate strongly that ukulele music become the ‘homework’ of leisure for children and families, a welcome break from a continuation of school academic-related subjects. If the current National Standards is entrenched within the school systems, there will be little time for art, music and sport during school hours. So give our kids a ukulele break, and let families enjoy a musical hour of Ukuleles for Peace at home! We have no doubt this will promote and improve family connection and harmony, because we firmly believe Ukulele is the instrument of friendship, love and peace ♥ Centre for Compassionate Communication NZ


Ukuleles For Peace is the brainchild of Paul Moore, who lives in Harashim, Hazafon, Israel.  We have followed Paul’s peace work for 4 years now, and admire the courage of his vision. Ukuleles for Peace is a non profit grass root organization promoting co-existence and peace between Arab and Jewish children and their families, in order to facilitate daily contact between Jews and Arabs and build friendship and trust. Many children, parents and families have participated in this peace initiative.  The project seeks sponsors or donations in order to expand it’s activities to other towns and villages. You can see more of Paul’s work on his website

This delightful 1:38 minute video shows children from Ukuleles For Peace playing and singing “Salaam” (Peace). The song written by Mush Ben Ari expresses the belief and aspiration that one day peace will prevail in Israel and in the whole world.


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