Raven – A Poem from the Heart

One of our deepest soul expression is through the heart of poetry. For me, this is such a poem. I have read it many times and it moves me profoundly. It conveys deep sadness, grief, desperate longing and despair. Yet amidst the hopelessness, a bitter-sweet prayer of gratitude for being alive. I share this poem with you. It will touch your heart ♥  The poet is my beloved young daughter Amber, haunted by the death of her friend, who hung herself at 14 years old. Amber will never know if she could have done more to help her friend. Poetry is her way of healing and coping with some of life’s traumas, trials and tribulations, and from her own painful experiences of being emotionally bullied, labelled and name called at school.


by Amber

On my walk home water drenches my face
Rain drops fall off the tips of my hair
The colour runs onto my cheeks
Dye from the times I have tried to become something I am not
And I have done things in my past I am ashamed to admit
All I needed to do was kick
It would’ve just taken a second

But I am ashamed because I know there are kids
Who have been beaten and belted
Who wear their pain on their wrists
Who meet the venom of their bullies
With their own flesh and blood
Veins tangled in words
Heart beats strangled at dusk

I know there are kids who feel the fire of the sunrise
Jumping off the ledge from years of not feeling good enough
And I hate to think for a second
I thought I had it rough
I didn’t have it in me, I didn’t have the guts

The moon cries silver into my eyes
And I’m muffling my screams on the coldest nights
And I know I am not the only one
To feel the pressure crack every bone in your back
Till your backbone is like a jellyfish
Floating in the poison of that little voice
That tells you, you don’t belong here
And that no one would care

So you kiss the blood of your skin
And you get it returned with holy lips
Pure and true
Like the feeling your mother got when she first held you
We’ve burned ourselves by basking
In the scorching sun of hatred for too long

Bathed in sinners blood and praised those who have done wrong
Knelt at the river of our insecurities
That dragged us into loathing and lonely
Drowning as our past keeps us weighed down

I wear my past inside my somewhat scratched heart
And around the invisible burns on my neck
But as I kiss the sky goodnight tonight
I know I am happy to be alive.


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